Sunday, June 27, 2010

Guess who went insane and chopped all of her hair off?!

I dont know if I like it yet but it will be really nice for summer.
Im trying not to talk about the way I look as much because their is such a wider spectrum of interesting things to talk about.
People have a tendency to limit them selfs to only talk about themselves or other people.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Not a Pretty Picture Zine

well here is mine and Sarah's first zine! It has some submissions from a zine that I started but never finished over 2 years ago and some newer things as well.
all of the artwork and writings are original and not copied from the internet or any other sources.
If anyone wants to submit anything for not a pretty picture issue #2 they can email us at
and we are also setting up an etsy which i will be making a post about in the near future!

Backyard Wishlist

I have so much space in my backyard I want to use it all constantly so heres a list of things that I would love in my backyard!

-chicken coop (fresh eggs taste amazing)
-picnic bench (for tea parties)
-vegetable garden (already have the seeds)
-an apple tree or 2 (already have seedlings growing in cups)
-hammock (for book reading and relaxing)
-trampoline (obvious reasons!)
-ride on lawnmower (my landlord says hes going to stop mowing our lawn for us and we only have a push mower for the front D: it would actually take 2 hours or more im sure)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

You throw like a girl

I just got into an argument with my dad and my brother because they were making fun of my mom and saying that she 'throws like a girl'.
I must admit my mom isnt the best at pitching a ball across the yard for the dogs, it usually plumits towards the ground a couple feet away from her but that does not mean that she 'throws like a girl' .
When a man says to another man "dude, you throw like a girl" it usually means that they cant throw worth shit. its the same thing as saying that all woman cant throw or all woman cant drive.
its an insult and a stereotype and for some reason my family doesnt seem to understand that.
my brother even went as far to say "i just dont understand why all girls throw funny?"
and I was thinking 'WOW are you actually saying this? are we actually twins?'
even his girlfriend is too embarrassed to throw in front of him now because shes afraid he will make fun of her. which is pretty much the saddest thing ever!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

neutralism is fun!

I like wearing dresses, but I don't like wearing heels.
I like my hair to be dyed, but I don't like my hair to be shaved.
I like putting on makeup, but I don't like putting on my bra.
I like to cook, but I don't like to clean.
I like being a girl, but I don't like all of the stereotypes.

(image brought to you by Genderpoo...
watch video: )

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

milky eye

my eye is super swollen from jammin my finger in there too many times.
its been really mucusy and blurry and ive been rubbing it too much and this is the result.
It doesnt look too bad in this picture but trust me it sucks I want to find an eye patch :(

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

spreading paint like love

I have so many ideas that I need to make happen! but lack of time/supplies/sleep causes my creative tidal wave to be reduced to an insignificant trickle. Since living in my new house the only thing close to a beautiful creation is my obsession with planting sunflower seeds EVERYWHERE! So far only a few have sprouted but my hopes of them growing are as high as the sunflowers should be (colossal).
I am also planning on sanding down my coffee table and my kitchen table and inviting some friends over for a group painting/drinking session.