Sunday, June 20, 2010

You throw like a girl

I just got into an argument with my dad and my brother because they were making fun of my mom and saying that she 'throws like a girl'.
I must admit my mom isnt the best at pitching a ball across the yard for the dogs, it usually plumits towards the ground a couple feet away from her but that does not mean that she 'throws like a girl' .
When a man says to another man "dude, you throw like a girl" it usually means that they cant throw worth shit. its the same thing as saying that all woman cant throw or all woman cant drive.
its an insult and a stereotype and for some reason my family doesnt seem to understand that.
my brother even went as far to say "i just dont understand why all girls throw funny?"
and I was thinking 'WOW are you actually saying this? are we actually twins?'
even his girlfriend is too embarrassed to throw in front of him now because shes afraid he will make fun of her. which is pretty much the saddest thing ever!

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